Level:  B/Beginner     UB/UltraBeginner     I/Intermediate     Nov/Novice     NC/Newcommer  IM/Impriover



Level Tanz Video  
B 8&1 https://youtu.be/52W34G6VOd8  


Level Tanz Video  
Nov Absolutely Positively https://youtu.be/CMeQRDV7mEA  
  Achy Breaky Heart https://youtu.be/hW0dt6HT9Hk  
B Ah Si https://youtu.be/c060Q4MwuBA x
B All You Need


I Amame https://youtu.be/5qAyneEhNgw  
B/I Ambronzatissima https://youtu.be/QxHPrkfLYWk  
B/I And You you you https://youtu.be/F2eBAYWxDPs  
  Angel in Blue Jeans https://youtu.be/Wjqf0yyUgDQ  
  Anywhere (mittel) https://youtu.be/p9kgnTZxcv4  
  Anywhere (leicht) Find your feet https://youtu.be/x3UnL6AExhU  
B/I Atemlos https://youtu.be/q2RElA0aAUI x


Level Tanz Video  
  Bara Bere https://youtu.be/rIEdMPRH3AA  
B/I Black Coffee https://youtu.be/a7JyhuY3Jew


  Blackpool by the sea https://youtu.be/P6Qth_CoMeQ x
B Blue Note https://youtu.be/wegFKQzo3is x
B Bosa Nova https://youtu.be/gkx-7yZTRLw  
B Bring On The Good Time https://youtu.be/1ogOguVG4eU  


Level Tanz Video  
B C.C.S https://youtu.be/x2tQSYLFrqg  
B Cabo San Lucas https://youtu.be/qrZ6sF_nNoQ  
  Can´t stop this feeling https://youtu.be/q4fhJHTeMKY  
  Canadian Stomp https://youtu.be/CzY4PrWui_Y x
  Catch and Release    


Celebration https://youtu.be/sJA9zvNp7gE x
B/I Chicca Boom Boom https://youtu.be/lGiypWO_dnA x
  Come Dance with me https://youtu.be/yyclspk9mzI  
B Completely https://youtu.be/EFmwwV7JhvU  
  Contra Dit Dit Ditty https://youtu.be/ZcAVLP1WWkk x
  Coral Miners Daughter https://youtu.be/hr8mDfz_3Ec x
  County 2 Step https://youtu.be/s3t9INk4VCk


B Cowboy Cha Cha https://youtu.be/qACa25_0sy4  


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